What is "Livin' the Dream"?

"Livin' the Dream" is not arriving at a certain level of success, it's a journey. It's about living life far from "normal." (see below)

People who are "Livin' the Dream" don't care about society's view of success. They don't find their identity in the amount of money they make or their job title. People "Livin' the Dream" find value being rooted in their God-given purpose, mission and calling. Their legacy is the essence of themselves that lives on and through others whether worldly success follows them or not.

People "Livin' the normal life":

  • Are a slave to their job
  • Consider their job drudgery
  • Follow the status quo and play it safe
  • Are career-centered
  • Experience life when work ends
  • Focus on their own stress and problems
  • Long for "someday"
  • Chase paychecks
  • Are always looking for more
  • Are held back by their personal finances
  • Are rarely satisfied

People "Livin' the Dream":

  • Are free to chase their calling
  • Consider their job a tool to execute their purpose
  • Are counter-cultural and are dangerous
  • Are mission-focused
  • Experience seamlessness in their lives
  • Focus on serving and impacting others
  • Love the journey
  • Chase opportunities
  • Are always looking for the best
  • Use their personal finances as a springboard
  • Find deep fulfillment

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