Are you busy or are you full?

Are you busy or are you full?

There is a massive difference between being busy and being full. Are your days and weeks just a flurry of activity with little to no production? Or are they a true representation of the most-important things in your life.

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Money is the easiest problem to fix

Money is tangible, touchable and countable. You can make more of it and even create it by starting a business. But, this also begs the question, “what is the most difficult problem to fix?”

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Give yourself lots of time

I know from experience! When you are making a significant switch-up in your life or are trying to live more purposeful, it’s going to take time. Probably much more than you think. I left my TV career four years ago. I thought within a few days…maybe a few weeks, I’d pick-up right where I left…

You're doing a great job!

You’re doing a great job!

Carrying the burden of providing for your spouse and/or kids is an honorable responsibility – let these five words be comfort to you.